On October 25th, 2010 we held a conference called “Moving Forward Together” in advance of our company, Teva, Israel’s move from the city of Netanya to the new Logistical Center in Shoham.
The purpose of the conference was to discuss and deal with transitioning and change from various points of view and to develop new cognitive directions in anticipation of our upcoming moveYarin Kimor led us on a fascinating, inspiring, intellectual and enjoyable journey in which we learned and experienced the idea that the “impossible is possible”. By the end of the workshop we were equipped with much food for thought and practical tools for unusual and creative thinking.
Thank you for an especially successful evening.

On June 13th, 2007 we hosted a Team Building Day for the workers of Microsoft ILDC which consisted of 5 of your lectures.
We would like to thank you for the unique way in which you led us from “the impossible to the possible”.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Yarin Kimor,
I would like to thank you for sending me your book The Impossible Made Possible.
The book contains intriguing and thought provoking ideas, which are rooted in a person’s belief, spirit, creativity and essentiality.
Every person has great potential creativity, but one may not be fully aware of its power. Your book is intended to empower, change and enable people to fulfill their potential creativity to the maximum.
May your work be blessed with success.

Subject: Making the Impossible Possible Workshop On January 3, 2006, our company hosted your workshop called Making the Impossible Possible, at which you presented us new and refreshing insights. You showed us original and unique ways in which the impossible can be made possible.
I am confident that the new ideas which you inspired in us will have practical applications, both at the personal, individual level and at technological, marketing and management levels.