How to hypnotize and magnetize your audience

In this captivating lecture, discover the secrets to effectively “hypnotize” and magnetize your audience, leaving a lasting impact on everyone.
An attentive audience sitting in an auditorium

About the lecture

Create the most amazing presentation

Yarin Kimor has developed an exclusive method of making presentations, relying on his 45 years of experience in television. This method is based on applying the principles of mass media to professional presentations.

The same principles that producers and directors use to achieve the “WOW” of mass media can be applied to a corporate meeting of 5 people, a department meeting, a presentation at a conference or an international congress. This workshop has received excellent feedback from participants in leading organizations around the world.

Duration of the workshop- 1.5 hours, 4 hours or a full day (9 hours). Can include individual work with participants and videotaping.

Who is the lecture for?

Professionals seeking to enhance presentation skills. Ideal for corporate meetings, conferences, and international congresses. All levels.

What people are saying?

"I had the privilege of attending Yarin Kimor's presentation workshop, and it was truly transformative."
"I attended the full-day workshop and was blown away by the practical insights and techniques shared."