Yarin Kimor ⎯

A leading speaker and presenter on Systematic Creative Thinking

Kimor delivers lectures and workshops to business managers, researchers, developers, high-tech companies, government offices (security and intelligence branches), and educational and medical institutions.

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What Yarin has been doing
for the past 30 years.

Yarin Kimor is a leading lecturer in the development of systematic creative thinking. He lectures and conducts workshops for managers, researchers, developers, and a wide range of employees and managers from various fields, including high-tech companies, government offices, commercial enterprises, medical institutions, educational organizations, and security and intelligence agencies.

He is the author of “The Impossible Made Possible,” which became a bestseller in Israel. The English version (“The Magic Of Creative Thinking”) ranked 7th place on Amazon out of eight million titles worldwide. Yarin has given lectures and conducted 3,000 workshops in Israel and around the world, including in India, China, Singapore, Russia, and the USA.

For 45 years, Yarin worked as an investigative reporter, director, and program editor on Israeli television and in the private market. He has directed 38 documentaries and documentary films.

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Exclusive lectures on various topics

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In this captivating lecture, discover the secrets to effectively “hypnotize” and magnetize your audience, leaving a lasting impact on everyone.

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Explore the intriguing question of whether the legends surrounding these services are true or not.

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The hidden facts behind the Jewish and Israeli revenge on the Nazis.

The impossible made possible

Unlocking creative thinking ⎯ shatter assumptions and ignite innovation.

The unbelievable ease of the...

Discover how to break free from traditional thinking patterns and embrace a systematic approach that stimulates creativity.

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