The legend of the Mossad and the Israeli Secret Services

Explore the intriguing question of whether the legends surrounding these services are true or not.
A man lurking in the shadows

About the lecture

This dramatic lecture examines the legends of the Israeli Secret Services; are the legends true?

If so what are the components how were the legends formed? If not, how were they nevertheless created? In this lecture facts and unknown stories are revealed that have never been told before. The lecture is accompanied by video footage of testimonials by senior commanders and senior officers in the Mossad and the Heads of the Secret Service.

The lecture does not violate any censorship laws however it does expose some of the conflicts encountered with the censors and the creative solutions that were worked out to the satisfaction of both sides of the conflict.

Who is the lecture for?

Individuals who have an interest in intelligence, espionage, and security operations.

What people are saying?

"A riveting two-hour journey into the intriguing world of intelligence."
"A rare glimpse into the enigmatic world of intelligence and left me hungry for more."